DOTA 2 + Steam Download [MF links] plus DOTA2 guide, tips and BETA KEY METHODS!

This is my DOTA2 guide para sa lahat ng ka-symbian ^_^

On this thread you will know/get:

1. Fast download links to get dota2 + steam installed and running!
2. Possibly get a beta key on different methods.
3. Optimize your dota2 configuration to maximize performance
4. Some tips on playing dota better
5. Useful links about dota2

On this thread you will NOT:

1. Get to play DOTA 2 WITHOUT the use of a BETA KEY
2. Get to play the game OFFLINE or in LAN
3. Get to get the beta key INSTANTLY

Getting a BETA KEY

Of course bago kayu makakalaro ng dota 2 you need a beta key. AFAIK wala pang private/emulated version ng dota2 kung saan makakalaro kau without an invite or with lan.

SO for now ill give you the methods i know that will help you get your pinaka asam-asam na BETA key.

Here are some methods:


First of all you need a Steam account. Kung wala pa kayu you should get one ASAP. Yan ang magiging account mu par sa dota2.
To make one click HERE!

Yan, may account ka na, punta ka sa link na ITO at i click ang "Sign in through STEAM".

log in mu ung steam account mu tapos follow the instructions.

Meron din isa pang method mula sa steam.

just follow the instructions mula sa link na ITO. It requires that you must have the Steam client installed.

pagkatapos niyan, antay nalang kayu sa email nila na naglalaman ng inyong dota2 beta key, un nga lang minsan matagal, minsan within a week. Pasensyahan nalang muna.


Sa mga may playdota accounts created before February 12, 2012(!), may chance na kayung makakakuha ng beta key DAILY!

Araw-araw nagbibigay sila ng 180 beta keys. just go to THIS THREAD and make a post. Tapos check your PMs araw2x para sa beta key! Dito ko nakuha sa akin sa loob lamang ng 2 weeks, so its a good chance for us to get the key!

Pero kung wala pa kaung account sa playdota, wag kaung paghinaan ng loob. Pede pa kaung mag register at mag post dun at hope na babaguhin ung requirement ng registration date. Ginawa nila un at gagawin din nila un muli, so the earlier you post, the more chances of getting the elusive key.

May isang SECTION din cla doon na may mga nagbebenta/trade ng beta keys. Kayu na ang bahala kung gusto nyung bumili, pero wag lang kayu pa i-scam .


Read THIS THREAD and skip to running competitions. May mga contests dun na nagbibigay ng beta key as the prize.

NOTE: pag nakakuha ka ng key, MAY EXTRA KAUNG 2 guest invites, Oo, dalawa! Kung wala kaung mapagbigyan, pde nyu namang i post dito sa thread na toh ang inyung beta key para nman mabigyan ung mga sawing ka-symbian. Share your blessings ika nga.


Ayan, may key ka na, its time to download the game into your Computer! Pero bago muna yan, tignan muna natin ung System Requirements:

DotA 2 Minimum System Requirements:

* OS: Windows® 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP
* Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
* Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
* Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 128 MB, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better
* Hard Drive: At least 2.5 GB of free space
* Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

DotA 2 Recommended System Requirements:

* OS: Windows® 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP
* Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
* Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
* Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with Shader model 3.0. NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better
* Hard Drive: At least 2.5 GB of free space
* Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

As you can see, medyu mabigat ang dota2 ( nsa beta stage pa cla so nde pa developed ung optimization like nung sa HoN).
So you might need to upgrade your RAM or GPU.

Unsure if your PC can run it? Go to this thread and post your specs. They can tell you if your PC can run dota2 fluently.

Now, to download the game you use the Steam Client:

1. Download, install, and update the steam client (STEAM Website)
2. Log in your Steam account ( or register kung wala pa)
3. Library > Add a Game > Activate a Product on Steam. This will open a dialog box for you to follow.
4. Enter your Dota 2 beta key.
5. Download Dota 2 via Steam. Click Install/Update. Medyu mabilis ung download (average = 500 kbs ) pero it depends sa connection nyu.

You can also download using my MF links here:

Ung sa Steam client medyu matatagalan ung dowload ksi uncompressed ug pag kaka dl nila. ung MF links ko ay compressed (1.70 GB lang) plus nakaloob na din ung steam. So pede nyung i copy ung rar files sa USB nyu at laruin sa paborito nyong internet cafe (ofc kung kaya ng specs nila XD).

You can check the integrity of the game:

While still in the Library, right-click Dota 2 then select Properties. Under the "Local Files" tab, click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" and then click "Close" once it has been verified 100%.

After download, extract the files into your desired folder then open steam.exe. it might start with an update so be patient.

Log in to your steam account. Sometimes may lalabas na security feature kung saan kelangan ng Security code na makikita sa iyong email. Just enter the code and click next. It will load your user info so it might take some time( wait ulet >.<)

Pag nag load na ung steam client click LIBRARY. e2 ung lalabas

Right click dota 2 and click properties

Click Select launch parameters then enter your parameters XD


This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1280x720.

With the parameters i used e2 ung lalabas pagkatapos mag load

You need to Select the region which is near you para less lag na servers lang ang pipiliit pag nag matchmaking na kau.


I suggest na nde muna kau sasabak kaagad sa laro with other players. May AI nman tayu para sa mga new players at mga nangingibago sa new dota 2.

To play AI:
Enter your password for your room then press apply and Create Lobby

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 852x347.

Click to any slot you want to join in (RADIANT=SENTINEL;DIRE=SCOURGE)

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 947x387.

Setup your game. Dont forget to check 'Fill empty slots with bots' and your bot Difficulty.


As suggested by romski:

imposible talagang makakalaro offline sa mga reasons na:

1. dedicated host ang systema ng paglalaro.
2. kailangang naka log in ang steam mu para makaka open ng DOTA2
3. kelangan pa rin ng BETA KEY. nde lang para sa download ung key ksi sa steam client ina analyze kung nakakakuha ng beta key ung user. pag wala, nde mu ma open ung dota 2 kahit na naka install na


Launch options
Open steam>Library>Dota2>rightclik>properties>Set launch options

add these codes in (add a space in between)
"-novid" (disables the starting valve guy video when you start game)
"-nod3d9ex" (this will run dota 2 on directx 8 instead of 11, this actually helps)
"-console" (enables in game console so we can input some codes on it.)

Some optional codes:
"-windowed -w # -h # -noborder "(Window mode with no border, REPLACE # WITH YOUR DESIRED W AND H)
"-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd" (If you feel that you have too much acceleration on your mouse in game)

Console Commands
Console Commands are available if you added -console on the launch parameters
The console can be shown/hide by pressing "~" or "`" button

net_graph 1 - Displays network information such as fps and ping.
rate 80000
cl_cmdrate 66
cl_interp 0.01515
cl_interp_ratio 1
cl_lagcompensation 1
cl_pred_optimize 2
cl_smooth 0
cl_smoothtime 0.01
cl_updaterate 66
cl_forcepreload 1
- all these help reduce lag and sometimes fps issues.
fps_max 60 - this will "kinda" force the engine to run your game at the desired fps, so youl get a bit more fps
r_deferred 0 - it will activate deferred rendering it may bring some buggy colors while you play, but its soooo worth it

Video Options
Click options ( ung gear icon on the upper left side) tapos goto video tab
you can set your desired resolution there (higher res more fps loss). You can also set your aspect ratio.
CLick ADVANCED and you will have more options to optimize your dota 2. If youre still having fps issues i suggest to set water to off, and anti aliasing to off. some options there are negligible and some arent implemented yet.

NOTE: Update your video card driver, your windows and your PC itself. Some Video cards have some control panels which you can configure to optimize your dota 2 more.


net_graph 1 - Displays network information such as fps and ping.

dota_camera_accelerate 49 - This will make the camera stop exactly where you want it, 0 will make you unable to move your camera.
dota_force_right_click_attack 1 - will enable right click deny.
dota_minimap_hero_size 600 - changes the hero marker size in minimap
dota_hud_health_bars 3 - 0 = disable hp bars, 1 = no dividing blocks in the healthbar, 3 = the default with the blocks

dota_hud_health_bars 3

dota_hud_health_bars 1

dota_health_per_vertical_marker 250 - changes the block size in health bars, 250 = new block every 250 hp

Changes the avatar that is shown when you invite players to a party:

dota_set_avatar 0 - Default
dota_set_avatar 1 - Crystal Maiden
dota_set_avatar 2 - Kunkka
dota_set_avatar 3 - Faceless Void
dota_set_avatar 4 - Furion
dota_set_avatar 5 - Yurnero
dota_set_avatar 6 - Bloodseeker
dota_set_avatar 7 - Lich
dota_set_avatar 8 - Axe
dota_set_avatar 9 - Pudge
dota_set_avatar 10 - Puck

For ALL Console Commands,click Here.

CTRL DRAG Click on minimap will send your suggested path for your allies.

DOTA2 use the QWER hotkeys for the skills
veteran players can choose to check Legacy Keys on for the old skill hotkeys

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useful for heroes like invoker ^_^


STEAM website - the official client for dota 2.
- DOTA 2 CHANGELOG - The changelog for recent Patch updates of Dota 2
JOINDOTA - Dota 2 News, Live Match Streams, Replay Videos, Tournaments, and more!
PLAYDOTA - The official DOTA Site with hero guides, art, and massive community
GOSUGAMERS - All Your DOTA 2 news fresh and the latest.
DotA: How to be Smart and Skilled - The BEST DOTA guide ive ever read. I highly recommend to read this even to advanced players ^_^
DotaCInema's Channel - Youtube Channel for Hero Introductions, Game Streams, and Guides.






Ingame Sounds of All Heroes From DotA 2!
Credits: hell911

Dota2 Hero sound Part 1
Dota2 Hero sound Part 2

DotA2 Hero's Icon for DotA


Gawing Dota2 and Dota! hahahaha..
Subukan nalang ang mag.enjoy mga sir
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How to install?

extract all file in Warcraft III folder and double click on Custom.reg.

How to remove?

just rename or delete ReplaceableTextures folder

Orange means - cannot patch pa
Black means - No new icon" OR "Pending icon .
Credits: Sir Amidoria

DotA Kill Sounds and Audio


Naisipan ko rin na gumawa ng audio para sa mga ksSYMB na mahilig sa dota sounds and kills..
CLICK PO DITO Dota Hero Complete Sounds

Dota Kills Sound including infamous sound COMBOWHORE

Dota IMBA 3.80C AI CN
Download LInk:

Dota v3.80 Imba Latest Map
Download Link


Walang cheat to..pwedeng gamitin sa garena..ang kagandahan nito ay advantage ka sa game dahil nakikita mo ang area ng mga targets....hirap iexplain pero try nio kung mahilig kau sa garena;.
•Simplified terrain and trees for improved vision and resource management
•Tower attack range circle drawn
•Shadowfiend's nuke range is drawn
•When -ah is activated, a built in maphack is activated (without -ah, this map does not have maphack)
•Improved model/color for various heroes (easier to click, completely negates blur)

NEW Dota v6.72f Collided Map

Download LInk:
Dota v6.72f OLD

Dotav v6.72f NEW


Dota v6.72b


Dota v6.72c