Improvised Antenna for Usb Modems + How to extend USB Cable using Utp Cable

How to Extend your USB cable using Utp Cable

USB Cable

The USB cable provides four pathways- two power conductors and two twisted signal conductors. The USB device that uses full speed bandwidth devices must have a twisted pair D+ and D- conductors. The data is transferred through the D+ and D- connectors while Vbus and Gnd connectors provide power to the USB device.

USB Wiring connection

The USB cable has typically four wires to connect the A type connector

Red + 5V Pin 1
White D+ Pin 2
Green D- Pin 3
Black Gnd Pin 4

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Green wire from usb(D-) --> ilagay mo sa green wire ng utp.

2. White wire from usb(D+) -->ilagay mo sa white/green ng utp.

3. Red (+5V) from usb --> ilagay mo sa orange + white/orange ng utp.

4. lastly, Black(GND) --> ilagay mo sa brown + white/brown ng utp.

So ung excess na blue + white/blue either na cut mo na lang or gawin mong reserve.

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You should only make 8 meters and below of Utp cable to have the best result, tried and tested by Boss Natzki, Slayer Me, Myself and I.
Use only 1.5 or 2 meters USB extension when you are using a laptop. It is not advisable to use in laptops when the USB extension cable exceeds 1.5 or 2 meters due to insufficient power supply. The laptop might not recognized the Tattoo Modem.. Good Luck!

Another clear instructions from sir slayerquest for those who did not make it work:

1. use 2.0 usb extension nabibili po sa CDR-KING and make sure testingin muna bago bumili para hindi kayo magkaproblema.

2. UTP CAT5 which is white color wire and UTP CAT6 yung blue color wire. Pwede rin ang utp wire ng smartbro cannopy (yung dina ginagamit)

3. TAKE NOTE: Approximately 8 meters ang kayang iextend ng utp cable.. for example 1 meter yung usb extension nio na gusto nyong dugtungan you will need 7 meters of utp wire which is equivalent to 8 meters.

4. For best results, use desktop computer, hindi po gagana sa laptop kasi hindi na kayang supplayan ng power ang extension niyo. 8 meters yung sakin, 1 meter usb extension and 7 meters CAT5 utp entension.


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I already computed the focus of my Improvised Parabolic Dish to maximize its signal gain using this formula:

My Improvised Antenna

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My Speedtest as of 6/23/2011

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Here is my explanation why negative(-) value RSSI is better than positive(+) value RSSI.

Basic Algebra

-1 is greater than -2

+2 is greater than +1

Speaking of RSSI, mataas ang value nya kung negative na small number like -1 or when the number is closer to zero.

For example, in Mathematics which is bigger?

-1 or -2 ?

my answer is -1.

So, thats why the closer the value of RSSI to ZERO is an indication of good stable connection and signal strength.

Save Mother Earth

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Compilation of Improvised Antenna

NOTE: I really do believed that very long usb extension cables can greatly affects the transfer rate of the device because of high resistivity level. Kung gusto nyo ng Effective na usb extension, I suggest na yong 3 meters na usb extension from cdrking kasi hindi matakaw sa power.
Meron kasi ako dito 5 meters pero minsan 0.0kbps ang transfer data nya kung matagal ng naka connect at kung nag ddownload ako after 4 - 5 minutes naddc na cya.
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