HYBRID OS7 for Blackberry 9300, 97xx and 9800

This is the Updated BERRYLICIOUS HYBRID VI all credits go to Zockster and Iking of Crackberry. Share ko lang kasi na try ko na and it improved my 9700's performance. Not detailed kasi ung ky BerryLicious so i tried to make a more detailed guide.

Before we begin:

NOTE: What is a HYBRID OS?

It combines the best features of several OS for:
1. Lesser memory and battery drain, speedy boot up time, and speedy browser.
2. Blackberry messenger hybrid by bro iking
3. GPS, bluetooth, 3G and wifi locks faster than standard or leaked OS.
4. Responsiveness and
5. More memory space since the hybrid has been shrunk

NOTE: Is it risky to install hybrid os?

NO. The worse thing that could happen is you end up with NO SYSTEM SOFTWARE, but the best part is you can easily reinstall your old OS.

1. Sufficiently charged Blackberry 9300, 97xx and 9800 unit
2. USB data cable
3. Download the following and save it to desktop for easy access:
b. Download the Base Software
c. BerryLicious Hybrid OS


For 9300 here. Just complete the require field. You can type anything.

For 9700 here. Just complete the require field. You can type anything.

For 9780 here. Just complete the require field. You can type anything.

For the BerryLicious Hybrid OS VI here

4. Bookmark this page, since you need to reboot your pc later.
5. Common sense ^_^


A. First Part:

Install the Latest Blackberry Desktop Software, if there is one installed, uninstall. Uninstall all the OS installed in your PC (reboot if prompted). Reboot.

Install Blackberry Desktop Software Again.

1. Install Base OS6
2. Delete "VENDOR.XML" in folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader\
3. Open the location of installed Base OS6 in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Shared\Loader Files\
4. Delete the contents of the folder and NOT the folder itself.
5. Install berrylicious hybrid os. Check the installation directory. It should be installed inside the base OS we emptied in number 4.

B. Second part: Back Up

1. Connect your Blackberry to your computer, radio off.
2. Run Blackberry Desktop Software and fully back-up your data (sms, contacts, settings, etc).

C. Third Part: Wiping your Phone

Phone Still connected wipe your phone completely using

BBSAK, download it here: www. bbsak.org
You must get a white screen error 507.

D. Installing the Hybrid OS:

Note: After the complete wipe, the phone will automatically disconnect and will boot. After the boot, you'll get the WHITE SCREEN ERROR. IT IS TOTALLY NORMAL since the OS was removed. DONT PANIC. Hahaha

1. Run the "LOADER.EXE" application found here Run C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader\
2. Select what you need to install carefully to optimise free memory
3. installing...wait.
4. While still in radio off, install your thirdparty applications.
5. Disconnect phone and do a battery pull (while it's turned on, remove the battery.)
6. Leave the battery out for around 30 seconds.
7. Place the battery and wait for it to reboot.
8. While still in radio off restore your Data via Blackberry Desktop Manager and do another battery pull.
9. Before you turn your wireless back on, click on the blackberry messenger and confirm that all your contacts and groups are there.
10. Enjoy your hybrid, give it a minimum of 4 hours before you do another battery pull.
11. For best result, do 3 battery pulls a day, 6 hours a part for the first 48 hours.

DON'T WORRY BATTERY PULLS ARE NORMAL and usually a must for Blackberry even if using the regular OS. Long pressing the power botton is not sufficient.

INSTALL THE THEME and RINGTONE attached below.


NOTE: After the OS Hybrid, desktop manager will notify you that there is an Update Available. DONT UPDATE kasi mapapalitan na po ung Hybrid OS mo ng regular OS.

Hit thanks if nakatulong po ^_^

Themes are uploaded na. Just extract it, then copy to your BB SD card then run the .jad file.
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BlackBerry Softwares and Games (2011)

Release Group: P2P
Release Name: BlackBerry Ultimate Softwares and Games Collection-P2P
Release Date: 30-01-2011
Filename: BlackBerry_soft_game.rar
Size: 302 MB


BlackBerry Ultimate Softwares and Games Collection | 300MB


- AntiMosquitoes
- AutoLock
- BB Light
- BB Weather
- ColorPearlHalloween
- Device Info Utility
- Emap4BB
- emobileGPS Companion
- FileExplorer
- FlipSide
- MoneyManager
- Ringo
- SBHacker
- Spell N Dial
- Led BlackBerry Alerts
- MobiReader
- My Alarm
- TimeCalendar
- XPlayer
And Many More!!!

2. GAMES :
- Rooster
- Fly Fighter
- Sky Force
- Bejeweled
- Benjydup
- Bermuda
- Bomberman !
- Bowling
- Street Fighter
- CS
- Championship 2007
- Football 08
- Hamster
- Mario
- MM Reversi
- Ninja
- Pikachu
- Poker
And So Much More !!!

- Mini Opera
- JiveTalk
- MFRadio
- RadioBee
- Skype
- WebMessenger

And So Much More !!!

- iPhone !
- LeopardToday
- Orchid
- Cartoony
- CoachZen
- Hammy
- South Park
- Zion – X
- Vista
- Apple Tree Zen
And So Much More !!!