Download the CXMB for 6.60 plugin [LINK]


  1. Copy the 'CXMB' folder to the root of your memory stick.
  2. In your 'SEPLUGINS' folder open 'VSH.txt' (create SEPLUGINS folder and text document file name VSH if you don't have, ).
  3. Add the line 'ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1'. For PSP GO use this line 'ef0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1'.
  4. Choose your desired theme and put into 'PSP/THEMES'.
  5. In the main menu of your PSP press SELECT, now your on the VSH MENU, select 'RECOVERY MENU>PLUGINS' and enable 'cxmb.prx' now press back button and select 'RESET VSH' and your PSP will reboot.
  6. Go to the 'Theme Settings' and choose the theme that you put. Enjoy!

CTF Themes for 6.60

Clear XMB Black [LINK]

Clear CXMB Black 3D [LINK]

Clear Oxygen [LINK]

Blue Flame [LINK]

Colorful [LINK]

DearDrops [LINK]

Dynamic Glow [LINK]

Golden Witch [LINK]

Allure v2 [LINK]

Apollon [LINK]

Metal Gear Solid P.W. [LINK]

K-On Grid [LINK]

Lotus Flower [LINK]

iPSP-Cold [LINK]

New Playstation Experience [LINK]

Modern Pro [LINK]

Midnight Club L.A. [LINK]

In A Flow [LINK]

Organ v2 [LINK]

Organ v3 [LINK]

Android [LINK]


OVI Revolution 3D [LINK]


Paper Mario [LINK]

TriForce [LINK]

Stratos R3 [LINK]

Sony Mod [LINK]

Pink [LINK]

Zero [LINK]



GT5 Final [LINK]

Picnix Mix [LINK]

Simple Base Type 2 [LINK]

Zetsubo [LINK]

HandDrawn [LINK]

The 3rd Birthday v2 [LINK]

Skull Candy [LINK]

Moze Red [LINK]

Little Big Planet [LINK]

Custom XMB White [LINK]

Aniom v2 [LINK]


Universal Red Darkness [LINK]

Triforce 4 [LINK]

Spiderman [LINK]

SlideBG [LINK]

Slanty Shanty (White Orange) [LINK]

Slanty Shanty (Red Black) [LINK]

Slanty Shanty (Pink Black) [LINK]

Slanty Shanty (Blue Grey) [LINK]

Organ [LINK]

Miku ST [LINK]

Haruchi [LINK]

Green Field [LINK]

Flurrime Mecuria [LINK]

Euphoria [LINK]

Black Ops [LINK]

Allure [LINK]