All Mediafire Links to Make Your Windows XP/7/Office Genuine

FOR WINDOWS 7 | VISTA | Server 2008

Introducing: HAL7600 v1.2

From the Creators of Chew-WGA and Chew7, now partnering with secr9tos and Fibonacci

size: 8.2mb

Main Features:

* Provides an alternative way to activate Windows offline and privately.
* Works on most builds or Windows (7, N, Server, Embedded).
* Turns on activated and genuine status: LicenseStatus = 1; GenuineStatus = 0.
* Validates with WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) online.
* Resets the rearm count and then freezes the evaluation countdown (grace period time remaining).
* After the initial installation reboot, no further reboots are required to keep it activated.
* A simple click installs or uninstalls the program. It couldn't be any easier.

Included Tools:

* Patched status checker, so you can see at any time if the system is still patched correctly. NEW!
* Advanced patch cloaking, to hide any system mods from SFC and other resource digest checkers.
* Disable (or re-enable) Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials.
* Change Windows Update settings easily.
* Query the WMI database for product name and key, license and genuine status, etc. with ease.
* Check for pending system file repair / update jobs, and clear them from the queue.
* Initial Configuration Tasks / Server Manager activation status patch for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Home Server 2011 (code named "Vail").
* Windows Embedded Standard patch to remove evaluation text from logo.

* Requires .NET Framework 4
* Uninstall All Other Activators (Chew WGA/7, Daz, RemoveWAT, IR4, Bios Mods)
* Disable Antivirus/Antimalware
* Set Your Date and Time Correctly

Windows Program Based Loader By DAZ v. 2.0.4

size: 1.5 mb

Install Instructions:
1. Just Install and Wait for the Prompt to Restart
2. Thats IT! DONE.
3. Turn Off Automatic Updates

FACTS and Additional Infos:
(for Window$ 7 Users who had previously installed any other Cracks)

1. Using BIE release or another activation?
# Launch the loader application and select to uninstall — This is important
# Restart the PC
# Install the Daz 2.0.4 loader and restart the PC
# Visit the following website to revalidate Windows: (Use IE)

2. Converting from RemoveWAT to this loader?
# Uninstall RemoveWAT
# Download and run the RemoveWAT fix attached below (Restart the PC if asked)
# Install the DAZ 2.0.4 loader

4. Read For Fixing Windows 7 with WGA notice

Remove WAT 2.25 by HAZAR
No WAT... nothing... Gone...

size: 3.75 mb
password: blarehead

W.O.A.T. TOOL/KMS Activator
by: Darkor and FireAnt2010

Windows OEM Activation Tool

* Activation Status check.
* OEM Activation (Slic 2.1 Only)
* Reset Windows back to Trial and Install Default Key.
* Rearm Forever. (Installation of Rearm Task Required).
* KMS Activation. (VL Only)

size: 200 kb

================================================== =============================


Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.9.42 Volume License Edition
from Wocarson Team

Updated, to work with the SP2 releases of Vista, and Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials.

Fixes Your Pirated Windows XP and VISTA
note: This is not an Activation Crack...

This Step is for Removing the WGA notice Saying "You maybe a victim of software counterfeiting..." etc.
If you dont have this kind of message, you may skip this step

1. Open the Folder "Remove Windows Genuine Advantage 2.0"
2. Run "RemoveWGA.exe"
3. Restart

Now Lets Make it Genuine
Connect to the Internet

1. Close All Internet Explorer Windows

2. For x86 version: Open x86 Folder and Run "Setup.exe"
For x64 version:
Open x64 Folder and Run "Setup.exe"

3. System Restarts Automatically

Optional Step

***Run "MGAdiag.exe" in the Folder "Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool".
It should say your OS is now Genuine

***For XP 32bit--> Run "WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86.exe" under the XP_x86 folder.
This will bring back the WGA software, its safe to install this since your OS is now Genuine

WGA 1.9.42 Volume License Edition for XP

size: 5.47 mb

WGA 1.9.42 Volume License Edition for Vista

size: 4 mb

WGA 1.9.42 Non Volume License Edition

size: 1.3 mb


1. Download WGA 1.9.42 Wocarson and "Collection of 25 Serial Keys" and "Windows XP License Original" found below.
2. Remove the WGA note ("You maybe a victim of Software Counterfeiting") first Using by "Remove WGA.exe" found in the Wocarson Folder
3. Choose one Registry Keys on the "Collection of 25 Serial Keys" folder. Double Click it.
4. Run "Windows Genuine Advantage Checker.exe" found in the "Windows XP License Original" folder. It Should tell you your Using a Genuine XP.
5. Disable Windows Update
6. Restart.. DONE

================================================== ===========================

FOR OFFICE 2003/2007

OFFice Genuine Advantage Validation Cracked 2.0.48 v4 Wocarson Team

To make Your Office 2003/2007 Genuine
Note: Needs and active internet connection
1. Close All Internet Explorer Windows
2. Run "Setup.exe"
3. System Restarts Automatically

size: 0.75 mb
password: blarehead

Download Previous Version Here:
password: blarehead


Windows Genuine Serial Keys

Files in the folders:

20 more serials for XP.txt
100 Windows XP Pro SP2 Keys.txt
2500 More XP serials.txt - contains 144 keys
Windows XP pro serials.txt - contains 76 keys
Windows XP serials.txt - contains 15 keys
Windows XP corporate sp1 Keygen
56 Windows Server 2003 VLK
Windows Vista Keys
Windows 7 Keys
Office 2007 Enterprise keygen
Office.txt - contains 50 keys

size: 960 KB
password: blarehead


*Works with all Version of XP?
*All Registry Keys

Windows XP License Original

Credits To -= JHAKE =-

Files In the Folders:

Genuine Advantage Checker - checks if your running a genuine XP
Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder 1.41 - Can change your XP key
WMP11 Validate.reg - enables you to install Windows MP 11
reg keys

Credits Goes To the Creators and Original Uploaders