ProShow Producer 4.51.3003
New Features
New Wizard Creates Instant Shows
ProShow Producer's new wizard does all the work for you, like magic. Just add your content, pick a theme and go! The wizard intelligently mixes your photos, videos and music together into an awesome slide show. Control the energy level of your show and choose from tons of professional themes. Perfect for creating quick shows, or just getting your creative juices flowing before diving in for precise editing.

Built-in Themes and Effects
The wizard comes built-in with over 720 effects and 20 themes including weddings, birthdays and celebrations. Own a StylePack or Transition Pack? You'll unlock even more creative themes and effects. The wizard will pull your purchased slide styles and transitions into the mix so you have access to it all. You can even create and save your own themes to use again and again.

Save Time and Money
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create a professional-looking slide show with Producer's new built-in wizard. Enjoy the professional quality output without the time commitment of creating a show by hand. Let the wizard do the work for you so you can get back to what you do best, capturing amazing images.

All-New Transitions Effects

Over 190 New Transitions
Experience an all-new level of creativity with the new transitions built-into ProShow Producer 4.5. These aren't your average crossfades - choose from exciting new effects like page curl, texture blend, gloss, float and more. Watch this demo to see a sample of the new transitions built into Producer 4.5.

Expand Your Creative Reach
Combine Producer's new transitions with other creative effects and features like slide styles, motion keyframing, and masking for an even higher level of creativity. Selling shows to clients? They'll be blown away by the quality of their show and only you know it took just minutes to create.

Create Your Own Custom Transitions
Now you can create, save and share your own transition effects! Simply create an effect and save it as a custom transition file (a .pxt file). Use the Manage Transitions dialog to add your custom transition to your library. You can name your transitions, give them a description and more.

Sample Transitions
Take a look at some of our favorite, new transition effects in ProShow Producer 4.5 below. Remember to watch the demo show to see them live and in-action!

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Page Curl
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Light Ray

Over 170 New, Built-In Slide Styles

Even More Built-in Effects
You asked, we delivered. ProShow Producer 4.5 comes with over 170 new, built-in slide styles. Slide styles are pre-made effects and animations that you can apply to any slide in your show. Enjoy the robust selection of new styles including soft picture float, shelf spread and picture pair glide. Click here to watch a video of the new slide styles available in ProShow Producer 4.5.


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water drop effect on my video below, dl under this link.

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Sa mga nag rerequest ng style para mas maging maganda video nyo..ito na yung:
Proshow stylepack vol4 - panoorin nyo sa youtube mga style.
Ito naman yung download link.
paste nyo lang yung file kung saan nyo ininstall yung softare.
Usually dito sya ilagay
C:\Program Files\Photodex\ProShowProducer\styles