What is WinToFlash

WinToFlash is a software for transfer your Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7 setup from CD or DVD to USB in some mouse clicks. This is about you can install your Windows from flash drive, USB pen, HDD, etc to your computer or netbook.

And this is not all it can do. WinToFlash can transfer your live CD or DVD to USB card, for example, BartPE. After all you can erase your USB media and format it with Windows for every day use.
Functions list

* Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 to USB transfer
* WinPE to USB transfer
* USB media erasing, full of quick
* Create the USB drive with emergency boot loader
* DOS to USB transfer

System requirements

To use Novicorp WinToFlash, your computer has to meet certain hardware requirements. Actual requirements vary, depending on the system configuration and the programs and features that you choose.

* Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster
* At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM
* At least 20 megabytes (MB) of available space on the hard disk
* Keyboard and a Microsoft Mouse or some other compatible pointing device
* Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution
* Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
pinadali na po ito, di na kailangan gamitan pa ng command prompt dito, all in one na to, so lahat ng os pwedeng gawing bootable usb, ok simulan na po natin

step 1

click lang yung windows setup transfer wizard

step 2
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select path lang ng windows os, supported nya ang iso kahit ang direct folder lang ng OS, kung wala kayong software na pang mount ng iso like alcohol, pwede nyo iextract na lang ung iso gamit ang winrar, sa isang folder at yun ang ilagay sa windows path

Step 3

hantaying lang matapos ang loading

Step 4
ito na yung pinaka important, pagkatapos makagawa ng bootable usb, restart your pc, then enter to your bios setup press "del" or "F2" depende sa bios configuration mo, take note po kailangan nakainsert yung bootable usb mo, bago i-open ang cpu.

pagka-enter na ng bios, go to boot priority may makikita kayong 1st boot, 2nd boot, 3rd boot, i first boot natin ang removable disk, pwede rin iset nyo ang hard disk priority sa usb.

take note parin po, depende to sa bios setting, magkakaiba ang configuration ng bios pero same procedure lang ng step 4, at may bios rin na hinde capable sa usb bootable, yun yung mga old model na cpu na.

kung nagkakaproblema kayo sa windows path at may lumalabas na error, punta lang kayo sa advanced mode then iselect nyo kung ano OS nyo
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Sa boot ng windows xp may dalawang boot selection una yung TXT MODE at 2nd GUI MODE select firts yung text mode yun yung blue screen startup setup then pag finish na next yung 2nd GUI MODE yun na yung windows installation

ADD ko na rin ung windows xp key


para sa mga nag-iincorrect source sa bootable, dapat meron nito sa directory ng windows OS nyo


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Incorrect source of XXX files

Postby SV Foster » 23 Feb 2010, 21:57
Files, Novicorp WinToFlash validates:

Windows XP/2003 x86

Windows XP/2003 x64

Windows XP/2003 PE x86

Windows Vista/2008/7 x86 x64
sources\license\_default\_default\ultimate\license .rtf *or* sources\license\_default\_default\serverenterprise \license.rtf
folder boot

Windows Vista/2008/7 PE x86 x64
folder boot

Windows XP/2003 Emergency bootloader x86 x64


error, para sa mga nagbliblink cursor

In advanced mode try other file systems. FAT16 CHS first, than FAT16 LAB, FAT32 CHS
pag hindi makita ang harddisk sa boot menu
at the standard cmos setting, boot the harddrive in IDE mode, or AHCI mode.
txt mode blue screen
Windows XP IllusionV3.5:


Windows WinxPuE SP3 9.1


Now Wins Ue boots properly.

After goggling i've found a spanish forum what solves the problem. This is due the missing file "SMSS.EXE" into the folder \$WIN_NT$.~BT\. That file is in USB folder \$WIN_NT$.~LS\I386\SYSTEM32. The solution is copy that folder (\$WIN_NT$.~LS\I386\SYSTEM32) which contains two files: "NDTLR.dll" and "SMSS.exe" and overwrite into folder \$WIN_NT$.~BT\.

Note: I've not installed Win XP becouse mi current OS installed works fine but at least i tested and appears the blue screen isntalation to format, partition, etc.
Originally Posted by vinzikidz View Post
dual boot pala yan, di pwede yung ganon eh, pero may way para jan, basta una lang ang usb bootable sa OS at dapat sa drive C: mo iinstall, pag completed na, may windows XP ka na, kung mag iinstall ka pa ng bagong XP, gamit ka na dapat ng windows xp CD, para sa pangalawang OS. ayun dual boot kana means 2 windows XP na gamit mo.


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thanks rin po sa mga nag feedback

kay sir litemint sa screenshot
Originally Posted by litemint View Post

HP Mini 110-1170es
Flash Disk Used: Sandisk Blade Cruzer 4GB
OS: Win7 Ultimate
Previous OS: Win7 Starter

Success! Ultimate na lappy ko, ihihihi... Kakaasar ang Starter. 2months old pa lang tong lappy, bahala na si batman sa warranty.







WinToFlash Step by step Guide Install Windows XP from USB Flash drive:

-USB Flash disk/Flash drive/Pen drive/Thumb drive, etc
-Computer with CD/DVD drive to build this Windows XP setup Flashdisk (or you may use computer without CD/DVD drive, but you have to copy Windows XP setup files from another computer to your hard disk)
-Computer with or without CD/DVD drive (e.g. Aspire One)

Step 1:
Download WinToFlash here
from the Author: This software may contain bugs (spelling too).

so if you find any spelling error please write a comment and correct it
or report to
don't forget to write your WinToFlash version.

Step 2:
Extract the zip file, then double click on WinToFlash.exe

Step 3:
Click Accept button...

Step 4:

This program will transfer Windows setup from CD or DVD to flash drive Recommended to switch on Wizard mode for users have no experience of Windows setup fine tuning Windows setup transfer wizard Following basic instructions you will transfer Windows setup program to flash drive and install Windows on PC have no CD or DVD drive

Click the button to enter Wizard mode...

Step 5:

This program will help you to install Windows from a flash
To access other features and advanced options swicth to advanced mode (for advanced users).

for now, we will use wizard mode instead of advanced mode, so click Next...

step 6:

Specify locations of files and drive

on Windows files path click Select button

Step 7:
Select CD/DVD drive that contain Windows XP CD or folder that contain Windows XP files... then click OK

step 8:

Specify locations of files and drive

on USB drive click Select button

Step 9:
Select USB Flash drive ... then click OK

Step 10:

Specify locations of files and drive

Click Next button...

Step 12:

Warning! Formatting will erase ALL DATA on target disk. To format press OK, to quit press Cancel

Click OK...

Step 13:
Please wait while WinToFlash transferring Windows setup to flash drive

Step 14:
Finished... click Next then Exit
USB Flash drive ready...

On computer without CD/DVD drive (e.g. Aspire One)
you must change the first boot order to USB Flash drive from BIOS. How to do this?

Change Boot order from BIOS:
This is just for example (Aspire 4710)
your BIOS interface may be slightly different


Step 1:
Plug a Flash drive into a USB port on your computer/laptop

What you need:

1) An empty USB flash drive, at least 1 GB in size (Is it necessary to be empty? Yes, because the program we will use formats the USB drive before copying window files)
2) NoviCorp Wintoflash download here
(NOTE: As of this writing, the program is still in beta, though I have not encountered any error or problem using it, we all know that using beta softwares may cause problems or still has some bugs in it.)
3. Windows XP installer CD or a copy to your hard drive.

Steps on installing Windows Xp from Flash Drive:
1. Prepare your flash drive. Run WinToFlash.exe and choose the wizard.

This one is self explanatory. Windows files path would be your Windows CD and USB drive is your flash disk. Next window will be copying the setup files to your flash drive. In took about 30 minutes in my test using a 2 GB KingMax flash drive (I believe this result may vary depending on the speed of your source and your USB drive).

2. Turn on your laptop. Enter BIOS by pressing F2. Make sure that SATA Controller Mode is set to Compatible under Configuration. If you do not do this, the windows installer will not see your hard disk upon setup. Now Save and Exit.

3. Upon restart press F12 to choose Boot Device. Select your Flash Drive from the list

4. This window will appear. Select 1st, text mode setup (boot from flash again after finish) here. You will now see the usual setup process when you install windows from CD.

5. When the initial copying of files is finish and the system restarts, you need to boot from flash drive again. But this time you will choose the first option in the picture above. (2nd, GUI mode setup). You will choose this option until the next 2 restarts and the first boot of windows. If you let it boot in hard disk, you will receive the error:
Windows could not start because the following files is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.
If that happens, just restart your laptop and choose to boot from flash drive. Installation of windows finished after 35 minutes in my test. It may vary depending on the speed of your laptop and your USB drive.

solution for hai problem
1. Restart the PC. The hal.dll error could be a fluke.

2. Check for proper boot order in BIOS. You might see the hal.dll error if the boot order in BIOS is first looking at a hard drive other than your main hard drive.

Note: If you've recently changed your boot order or recently flashed your BIOS, this may be what's causing your problem.

3. Run Windows XP System Restore from a command prompt. If this doesn't work or you're receiving the hal.dll error message before you're able to complete this process, move on to the next step.

4. Repair or replace the boot.ini file. This will work if the cause of the problem is actually Windows XP's boot.ini file and not the hal.dll file, which is often times the case.

Note: If repairing the boot.ini does correct the hal.dll issue but the problem reappears after a reboot and you've recently installed Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP, uninstall IE8. In this specific situation, IE8 could be the root cause of your hal.dll problem.

5. Write a new partition boot sector to the Windows XP system partition. If the partition boot sector has become corrupt or isn't properly configured, you may receive the hal.dll error.

6. Recover data from any bad sectors on your hard drive. If the physical part of your hard drive that stores any part of the hal.dll file has been damaged, you're likely to see errors like this.

7. Restore the hal.dll file from the Windows XP CD. If the hal.dll file is truly the cause of the problem, restoring it from the original Windows XP CD may do the trick.

8. Perform a repair installation of Windows XP. This type of installation should replace any missing or corrupt files. Continue troubleshooting if this does not resolve the issue.

9. Perform a clean installation of Windows XP. This type of installation will completely remove Windows XP from your PC and install it again from scratch.

Note: While this will almost certainly resolve any hal.dll errors, it is a time consuming process due to the fact that all of your data must be backed up and then later restored.

Important: If you can't gain access to your files to back them up, you should understand that you will lose them all if you continue with a clean installation of Windows XP.

10. Test the hard drive. If all else has failed, including the clean installation from the last step, you're most likely facing a hardware issue with your hard drive but you'll want to test it to be sure.

If the drive fails any of your tests, replace the hard drive and then complete a "new" installation of Windows XP.


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Now you can run real Windows 7 from a USB drive on ANY (x64) computer!
Experience the first fully portable edition of Windows 7 x64 EVER created!

Install Windows 7 Ultimate to your USB drive/stick, take it with
you - and run from any x64 computer (even Macs). Bring your entire
operating system, desktop, programs, games, files, personal settings, and much
more with you - everywhere! You can now carry your personal operating system in
a pocket!

This is not bartpe/winpe/livecd or anything similar! This is the first real and
full version of Windows 7 Ultimate which can be run on any computer (fast enough
to run Win7, 512+ Mb RAM, 1+ GHz 64-bit CPU) from a USB/thumb drive ever created!

This is the 64 bit edition which allows you to get most out of a x64 processor.
Check out the 32 bit edition, it runs on ANY computer and only requires 8GB disk space:

Version 3.0 brings you the NEW cloning feature. You can now easily share Win7 USB Edition
with your friends or back it up!

Installation is easy as 1 2 3!
- at least 16GB high speed (15+ MB/s) USB drive or stick
- .Net Framework 2
[Tested on Windows 7/XP/Vista/2008 R2/2003] - can be installed from Mac/Linux as well,

If your are running XP, make sure that the "don't format" checkbox is selected!

1. Extract the archive to a different location than your USB drive (e.g. desktop)
2. Run "INSTALL 7 USB Edition" (You can use installer.bat, too.)
If the installer doesn't work, browse to the folder called 'iMortaluz' and then to 'x64'. Rename the file called "7.dll" to "7z.dll" !
3.a: Insert the USB drive into (any) computer [without any hubs!], (re)start it and press F8, F9, F11, F12, option or another key depending on your hardware.
A menu should appear, choose your USB drive from it. You can also change the
boot device order in the bios[press ctrl + s, F2, F10 etc.]. Read the motherboard
manual or google it. (This method works on computers that can boot from USB.)
3.b: Burn the bootloader to an empty CD [run "burn bootloader.bat"], insert the CD
and the USB drive to (any) computer, (re)start it and choose "USB" from the menu.
(This method will work on almost any computer.)
-==FOR MAC==-
3.c: Install the included rEFIt bootloader on your Mac, insert the drive and reboot.

That's it; enjoy carrying a full copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64
in your pocket!

[extra]: 7 Ultimate supports ANY language! In order to change it to your native
language go to start, type update and press "windows update". Then click "check for
updates", select the languages you want to install and wait. [I don't recommend
installing any other updates as it may destroy the crack] Finally set the language
by going to start - control panel - clock language and region - change display
language. Enjoy using your portable windows in your native language! [Don't forget
to install your network and display drivers first!]

[Optional:] If your drive is bigger than 8GB you may want to increase the size
of the virtual system drive of your
new Windows in order to gain more disk space:

1) browse to your USB drive and move the 7USBEditionByiMortaluz.vhd somewhere
else (e.g. desktop)
2) start VHDResizer.exe and select this file
3) press "save as" and browse to you USB drive again. Call the file
7USBEditionByiMortaluz [It won't work if you call it something else!] and press
4) Choose the size depending on the size of your USB drive and press resize. Get
yourself a cup of coffee, it's going to take long time.
5) When you boot your new portable windows for the first time - press start
menu, type partition and hit enter. Right click 7USBEditionByiMortaluz and
choose "extend volume". Keep pressing next.

Recovery: If your personal portable Windows does no longer boot, you can repair
it with the included "fix boot.bat" tool.
If it doesn't help, copy 7USBEditionByiMortaluz.vhd from your USB drive
to your desktop, reinstall Win7 USB Edition, copy the 7USBEditionByiMortaluz.vhd
file back to the USB drive (replace the existing file). No files will be lost!

You can mount the virtual system partition from any other Windows 7 installation!
Go to start, type partition, press "create and format disk partitions". Press
action - attach VHD and browse to the 7USBEditionByiMortaluz.vhd file. You can
then access (or recover) all your files.
New in version 3.0:
-Graphical installer, cloning utility, countless fixes & full XP compatibility

Additional info:
This is a fully functional and cracked copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I don't
recommend updating it with Windows Update, as this can destroy this system - do it
at your own risk. Bear in mind that most USB sticks are slower than disks and that
performance may suffer.

MD5 Checksum: D5EA94B5326220E6E68419B263B62AFB

Included software:
Driver Genius Professional - quickly find the drivers you need
Chrome Plus [with adblock]- because Internet Explorer sucks...
Steam - now you can carry all your favorite games with you - everywhere!
Everest Ultimate - Get advanced information about your hardware
7zip - a free WinRAR replacement
uTorrent - never stop downloading and seeding!
CCleaner - easily free up disk space
Ettercap - control local network, recover (or hijack) passwords
RemoveWAT - restores or removes Windows Activation, you can use this to activate Win7
with a valid license from Micro$oft

Included tools:
DriverPack - additional network drivers - use if you have no internet connectivity
Gogonet - instant ipv6 connectivity - everywhere!
Win7logon changer - change your logon background
Ultimate Win7 Tweaker
ProceXP - advanced task manager
PassRenew - change passwords, add/delete users on any computer that you start
your new portable Windows on!
Wingate - start programs without logging on, log on without password (can be
used for recovery (or evil) purposes)
GodMode - useful Windows 7 Easter egg

Applied tweaks:
Disk performance has been improved by enabling drive caching
Some services (error reporting, windows defender, etc.) have been disabled in
order to give you the maximum performance
Windows Activation is completely removed! (problem, Micro$oft?!)
Terminal Server Patch applied, Windows 7 USB Edition supports unlimited remote
desktop connections!

Windows 7 USB Drive Edition x64 v3.0 [official release] (activated)

Windows 7 USB Drive Edition x64 v3.0 [official release] (activated)

WinUSB Maker v1.3

WinUSB Maker v1.3 – The Windows Setup to USB Solution | 2.74 MB
WinUSB Maker, is a tool to make dynamically any Removable Device as bootable with Windows Setup

Virus FREE
Totally coded with maximum security, to avoid any error
You can work with Setup DVD / Setup Folder / Setup ISO Image
Always format in NTFS System, make the device boot sector, equals to HDD
Support devices up to 1TB
Support External HDDs
Fastest file copy, maximum process priority level
Capture only removable devices
Identify compatible setup folders
Force dismount for all devices, forcing the format if the device is in use
Refresh all devices in one click
Check the Folder and Device size, for better compatibility
Dynamic Progress Bar and specific File / Folder / Status shown for works
Portable and Small
Fine UI

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 / 2011 Family
Embedded and Others based in Windows 7 / 8

*All versions / editions, including x64 systems

download link:

size: 2.28 MB


eto po yung para sa windows xp

download link:

anjan na din po yung instructions pakibasa nalang po kapag na download nyo na!